Inspired by Mike Gunderloy I thought I’d share my setup used for everyday development.


Plain & simple - 15" MacBook Pro, mid-2009. Just switched from 13” white MacBook and I love the speed boost it gave me. I find Wireless Mighty Mouse very comfortable and useful, and it frees up an USB port. Apple Keyboard (full size) is a clear win. 500GB disk used for Time Machine backups and an additional 320GB 2.5” drive for extra storage.

At the office I use an extra 19” display - good enough to display logs.

And yeah, iPhone, of course.


  • Snow Leopard - early adoption wasn't too painful after all, and it actually might be running a little faster than good ol' 10.5,
  • Safari - my primary browser, used both for development and everyday browsing, boosted with heavily customized Glims,
  • Quicksilver - as I heavy keyboard user I find this application a must, goes great combined with Dockables,
  • 1Password - can't imagine a better credentials manager, I feel completely lost without it,
  • Adium - I don't like IM that much, but we use it at work. I always run beta versions of Adium, they're stable and offer some nice features!
  • Firefox - used from time to time for development, when Safari's debugger's not enough and with the decline of Firebug's quality and workflow Safari stands strong,
  • Fluid - standalone web applications generator, I use it for Google Reader, Instapaper and Blip with custom styles and userscripts,
  • ForkLift - did I mention I'm a keyboard guy, with a strong Norton Commander / Total Commander background?
  • FStream - I can't focus on work without music and this is a simple Internet radio streaming application,
  • GitX - still working out my git workflow and GitX helps a lot,
  • GrandPerspective - shows a graph of files and folders the hogging hard drive, really useful,
  • HTTPScoop - used for local debugging, for online testing I prefer Hurl,
  • Paperless - my document repository, invoices, agreements and such,
  • Parallels - with Windows XP, Ubuntu and Ubuntu Server for cross-browser tweaks and server setup testing,
  • Pixelmator - I'm the last person who should do anything with graphics but sometimes I really have to. Pixelmator's learning curve is acceptable and it does everything I need too,
  • Sequel Pro - Sequel's Pro nightlies are stable and robust with some features that current stable's missing,
  • SizeUp - again, keyboard lovers, resize / move your windows with a 4-finger combos,
  • Skitch - great for screenshots with annotations,
  • TextMate - enough said,
  • Things - great task manager with phone sync (I really need a phone sync for offline usage),
  • tunnelblick - for my company's VPN,
  • Tweetie - I'm more a reader than writer and Tweetie's great for that.

There’s also a few other applications that I use but those are essential - I keep them in my Dock.


For my pet projects and fun stuff I use IntoVPS with Server Density monitoring. For production we have an in-house server farm. I’m looking into SliceHost / Linode for production of some smaller private stuff.