‹ Filip Tepper


Hi, I’m Filip, and this is my README.

I’m very excited to be working with you!

You & I

Every week we will have a 1:1. During this time I don’t expect project updates, this time is all about you. I will be giving you feedback, asking you for feedback, learning more about your goals, and most importantly - hearing how I can help you become the best you at $COMPANY. If you can’t do your job I need to know. If you have thoughts about your career I need to know too. I’m here to help.

As we start working together I ask you some very basic questions, like how do you prefer to get your feedback, or what made you pick the offer from $COMPANY. I want to know you better.

I’m a big believer in continuous feedback. If I notice something you can expect to hear from me almost immediately. If you notice something - don’t wait until our 1:1, let me know that you want to talk. The small things are important too.

I never say “we need to talk” and then schedule a surprise meeting. This is the scariest thing to hear at work.

I consider Slack to be asynchronous communication. I would encourage you to disable notifications and make sure to prioritize uninterrupted work. This goes both ways - I’m doing my best to be available but I need an uninterrupted focus time too. I might call you, but only if it’s a business-threatening situation.

You are never expected to work on the weekends, and I very much recommend removing all work-related apps from your phone (unless agreed otherwise). The only exceptions are PagerDuty and other on-call enabling software.

You are the expert. I will be asking questions that may seem obvious to you but will help me understand the context better. I work for you.

I expect you to read the docs and plan your work thoroughly. I don’t like being surprised mid-project by something that could have been avoided. If you need more time to prepare - let me know. When $COMPANY was at a very early people have been taking a lot of decisions that led to acquiring some deliberate technical debt. But your goal is to stay one step ahead, plan things, review with the team and get their buy-in before committing to a solution.

I’m a pretty serious person, so feel free to tell me to relax and remind me that we should be having fun too!


I live in Warsaw, Poland.

I have 2 kids and I will often use them as an excuse for being AFK.

In my office, you’ll notice guitars & books. Besides that, you can hear me mention cycling and volleyball. And some nerdy stuff.

I am an introvert. Our first interaction will be awkward - I’m a really shy person.

I’ve been working across multiple time zones for the better part of the last 10 years and I will always prefer overcommunication over lack of visibility. But please let me know if you think it’s too much.

My personal goal is to disappear and for you to not even notice.


This document will never be finished.